From now on… in English every now and then! And ONLY “NORMAL” ITALIAN amateur GIRLS on

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Since most of my “audience” speaks English,
I’ve decided from now on every now and then to post on the blog in the language of Albion (or something like that :-D).

After a long time we finally decided to shoot again.
Why did we stop shooting?
Photography for us is a PASSION (i.e. we don’t need it for money)
and unlike many people we are good in our personal relationships (i.e. we don’t “need” other “friends”… or something like that ;-))

And honestly we did NOT like the behaviors of the people we saw around in the photography world in Italy,
(…and be sure I’m not speaking only about the “models”…).

So we took a “drastic” decision a long while ago:
from now on we will shoot ONLY NORMAL GIRLS (“amateurs” if you want)
they must not want to become “models”
and we prefer if it’s their first and last shooting.

That’s it!

And finally we found Isabella a beautiful (and well endowed) Italian girl,
but you will see more of her in the next 3 posts 😉

See you soon,
a huge hug
We have decided (since we have families and we are very busy) to do just a shooting every 3 months, so if you are interested please get in touch ASAP, because it will take time to organize everything.


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